Andrew Ng - Software Engineer

: + 5999 734 3200 :

Andrew was born in New York and grew up on Curaçao. After finishing high school in Curaçao, he moved to the Netherlands to study Communication and Multimedia design. During and after his study period Andrew build up years of experience in web design, front-end and web development in various internet marketing companies. He moved to Curaçao in April of 2016 to continue his career as a software engineer specializing in front-end development at BearingPoint Caribbean.

Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamento, Cantonese

Communication and Multimedia Design, Haagse Hogeschool Den Haag

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (jQuery), E-mail templates development, MySQL, PHP, interaction design, webhosting

Travelling, car enthusiast, fine dining lover, photography

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