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New station ship arrives

20 MARCH 2017

WILLEMSTAD–The new station ship of the Dutch Navy to the Caribbean Zr. Ms. Van Amstel arrived in Curaçao’s Anna Bay on Saturday and received the usual ceremonial welcome with canon salutes from Fort Amsterdam.

The multipurpose frigate moored at Mathey Wharf. The Van Amstel, which replaces Zr. Ms. Holland, will be used in particular for anti-drug operations and emergencies during the next four months.

Last year in October the Holland assisted in Haiti after the passing of Hurricane Matthew. Various drug shipments were intercepted also, often in collaboration with the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard and a Law Enforcement Detachment of the United States (US) Coast Guard.

The last time the Van Amstel docked at the island was in 2015.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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