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Struggling to comply with growing global information exchange needs?

A key aspect of global cooperation between countries and tax authorities is data sharing in the fight against tax evasion. It is crucial that the technical solutions implemented by Tax Authorities to exchange data meets all requirements of the organisations imposing the new cooperation regulations, like the IRS and the OECD. Our full automated FATCA software package ensures your IGA model 1 organisation to be fully compliant, whilst servicing your financial institutions.

MDES is the only true full-service data exchange package for Tax Authorities to comply with FATCA and CRS regulations.


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FATCA Software Features

FATCA Software

FATCA Reporting Software

FATCA Compliance

Multi Data Exchance Solution

Complete package

One package for Tax Authorities to manage full AEOI process for FATCA, CRS and other treaties

Lasting compliance

Be in full compliance with complex rules across multiple partner jurisdictions now and in the future.

Quick wins

MDES can be implemented and live within weeks to meet all stringent deadlines, and doesn’t increase the workload of the organisation.

More cooperation from FFI’s

MDES enables Tax Authorities to give world-class service to all their FFIs and help them comply with the complex data exchange of all their customer’s accounts.

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FATCA Software

Developed especially for Tax Authorities:
Optimized data sharing process with a minimal footprint on the organization, supports tax officials in gathering information, sorting it and sharing it with the appropriate countries.

Operational within weeks:
Up and running in a near-full automatic mode within weeks, with minimal training and useful user documentation.

MDES is a manageable cost effective solution with different pricing options (fixed versus variable) and contains no surprises compared to built-in-house solutions.

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Tax authorities get a global grip on tax evaders

In the MDES implementation process in Curaçao, BearingPoint is working closely with both the Curaçao and Dutch Tax Authorities. Two Dutch experts, who are involved in the process, wrote a comprehensive article on the benefits, challenges and best practices on implementing of Automatic Exchange of Information.
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